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Customer Stocking Programs
Along with a competent sales staff, NEP has programs and systems for help after the sale. We offers customized programs to fulfill your MRP, JIT or Bonded inventory needs. We offer in-plant stores and custom kitted orders.

Another aspect of NEPs services is the Value-Added shop. On the work floor you will see a wide variety of cable assemblies, both Flat cable and discreet wire. NEP’s high-speed wire & terminal processing equipment can meet the toughest on-time delivery requirements. We 100% test all terminated cables we make. And testing of un-terminated cables is available. (An example of un-terminated cables would be a connector on one end and flying leads on the other.) Wire bundling, special shielding, and tinning of leads are some of the other special services we provide. We can also solder your cable assembly to various components creating a time saving sub assembly. For example, cable assemblies attached to switches, fuse holder, relays, sensors or semiconductors.

  • Discrete wire cables & harnesses
  • Flat Ribbon Cables
  • Crimp & Poke
  • MDR (Mini-Delta Ribbon)
  • Multi-conductor Jacketed
  • Ground straps
  • Pin Headers
  • Automated Wire Processing.
  • Bar Coding
  • Soldering
  • Tinning of wire leads
  • Terminal Block Assembly
  • Switch assembly.
  • Strip & retain jumpers
  • Ferrite inductor integration

Services - Delivery
Nep augments the procurement process by offering delivery to your door orders of any size with our Delivery Van and full time driver. Scheduled delivery of JIT orders is available.

Services - Barcoding
Nep can provide custom bar coded labels to your orders packages and containers. We have custom capabilities to create barcode labels designed to your specification or we can apply a standard bar coded label of our own.

NEP accepts incoming EDI transactions from customers including EDI 850/Purchase orders, 860/Purchase order change requests, 830/Release w/Planning, and other templates. We currently conduct EDI via the Advantis VAN. Contact the NEP EDP department for further information.

Services - Re-Usable shipping containers.
Where Efficiency and conservations is a priority, NEP has programs for delivering your product in neat stackable reusable containers. This eliminates the step involved in packing and unpacking product and saves on the cost of shipping materials. (For picked up or delivered orders only.)

Nep is capable of delivering Point of Sales reports and Inventory reports to its vendors using the NEDA format. Generally we deliver POS/INV reports by the 10th of the month as e-mail attachments.

EDP – Email Invoicing
If your accounting department would prefer, we can provide invoices and aging statements by Email for speedier service.

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