Commitment to Quality

NEP Electronics is committed to a business model that encourages strong social, ethical and ecological practices. We believe that as a citizen of the global market it is important to conduct business in a manner that promotes fair and responsible behavior among all industry participants.

The following lists just a few examples of the manner in which NEP promotes and practice corporate responsibility across all aspects of our business.

  • NEP Electronics' employment practices adhere to all laws governing equitable hiring and compensation.
  • All NEP offices, warehouses & distribution centers practice "green" initiatives.
  • NEP is committed to providing our clients with the products and components they need to remain competitive.
  • NEP conducts business with suppliers & partners equally committed to sustainability.
  • NEP's management and employees reflect our commitment to corporate responsibility in the way we interact with clients, suppliers, business partners, government agencies and regulators.

Corporate responsibility is a major component of day-to-day operations at NEP Electronics, and we continue to pursue programs and partnerships that will enhance our business model moving forward.

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