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C&K DS Series Interlock Switches

Designed to provide design flexibility by offering latching or momentary actions along with a variety of integration options, C&K’s DS Series door interlock switch can be used for detection and circuit interruption functions.

In some applications, it is necessary to automatically cut power when a panel door is open for service to personnel and equipment. The same kind of switch can also be used for a signal indication against tampering.

C&K’s DS series door interlock is available in single and double pole models, latching and momentary functions, and snap-in mounting or quick connect terminals for easy installation.

This switch is offered in 3 actuator styles: short (11.45mm), long (22.25mm) or push/pull or “cheat” to better fit inside the final application.

Silver and gold-plated options for logic level and power circuits (up to 16A)
10,000 to 100,000 life cycles
UL61058-1 approved with ENEC for international use

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