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Company Overview:
Established in 1977, NEP Electronics is a leading accessory, battery products, and electro/mechanical component supplier – as well as a full-service, ISO-certified custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer. With production capabilities and supply-chain partnerships both domestically and internationally, NEP provides high-quality, cost competitive solutions for any program – regardless of volume. In addition, NEP can offer, and manage, any type of JIT or VMI program that the customer requires - allowing our customers the ability to place blanket orders, but only get invoiced after each release. Recognizing the need for high quality, reliable, and cost competitive products that any battery distributor can rely on, NEP developed their “Accessory and Battery Products Division” in late 2015. Primary product emphasis are battery accessory products, full-line accessories to include categories such as lugs, terminals, heat shrink, battery tools, battery accessories, battery boxes, full-line alkaline, full-line coin cell, full-line SLA, standard battery cables, and custom cables. Our quality, price and customer service are excellent; we look forward to becoming a strategic and reliable supplier for all your battery needs.

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Sales Manager NEP Accessory & Battery Products
Joe Arvai


Vince Foglia

Product Offering Examples:
Full-Line Standard Copper Tube Lugs
Full-Line Heavy Duty Lugs
Full-Line Brazed Seam Lugs
Full-Line Copper Battery Terminals
Full-Line Insulated/Non-Insulated Solderless Ring Terminals
Full-Line Heat Shrink Tubing (2:1, 3:1, 4:1)
Full-Line All Style Fuses, Circuit Breakers & Fuse Accessories
Full-Line Bulk Battery, Welding & Booster Cable
Full-Line Alkaline Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) Retail Pack & Bulk
Lithium Coin Cell Batteries, Silver Oxide, Hearing Aid CR & LR Series
Full-Line Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 6V & 12V
Full-Line Solar Batteries
Full-Line SLI U1 Program
Custom Battery Pack Assembly of all Chemistry (Alkaline, NICD, NIMH, Lithium)
Full-Line Battery Mats
Absorb & Spill Kits
Portable Lithium Jump Charge Packs
Full-Line Golf Cart Cables
Standard Cable Assemblies (Including but no limited to jumpers, lug to lug, golf cart)
Full-Line Chemical & Cleaners
Terminal Protectors, Cable Ties & Other Cable Management Products
Full Automotive LED & Traditional Bulb Line
Full SBC Housings, Contacts, Kits & Accessories
Full-Line Automotive Battery Boxes & Trays
Full-Line Made in the USA Lang Battery Tools
Full-Line Booster Cable Assemblies

NEP Accessory & Battery Products