Custom Cable Assembly Services

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NEP: The leading manufacturer of custom cable assemblies.

With expertise and quality, NEP can build anything from complex wire harness sets to single wire and connector assemblies. We are a manufacturer and distributor; this dual title allows NEP to meet delivery requirements and keep costs low, while maintaining superior quality.

The NEP Difference

Since 1977, NEP has created custom cable assemblies and has perfected the process. Our engineering, and quoting staff, are specialized to review drawings and can create the method that will be the most cost-saving for our customers. The NEP Team builds with efficacy of quality in mind, this in turn has awarded NEP with the lowest PPM defect rate compared to competitors. All cables are 100% electrically tested before leaving our facility.

NEP provides value-add services, which includes wire bundling, special shielding, tinning of leads, soldering components, and custom dye housing. All these services create a poka-yoke cable assembly. 

NEP Capabilities 

NEP provides many services for your custom assembly.

These processing capabilities include:

Automated Wire Processing
Crimp and Poke
Discrete Cable Assemblies
Ferrite Inductor Integration
Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly
Heavy Gauge Battery Cable Assembly
Switch Assembly
Terminal Block Assembly
Trim Pin Headers
Wire Harness Assembly
Wire Printing

And Many More…

Engineering Services

From concept to building, the NEP team identifies how to streamline cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

We offer the following services:

AutoCAD Drawing Review
Knowledge and Expertise
Reverse Engineering
Manufacturing Process Review
Wire Printing

Tooling Capabilities

NEP is tooled for a variety of industry standard applicators, sourced from trusted manufacturers such as: Molex, JST, Panduit, Hirose, DDK, Elco, TE Connectivity, and others.