Electronic Component Distribution

As a distributor of high quality passive and electro-mechanical electronic components, NEP Electronics is committed to providing reliable parts and superior customer service. When clients partner with NEP for Electronic Distribution services they benefit from the advantages of a customized program implemented by a team of professionals who take time to understand your needs and distribution specifications.

Among the advantages of the NEP Electronics Distribution services are:

  • Local Engineering Support provided by a knowledgeable team of sales representatives delivers unparalleled engineering support and design solutions for each application.
  • Customized Supply Chain Management Services deliver VMI/Kanban/File Share/EDI/ in-house stores that meet the specific needs of every customer.
  • Broad line card access offers a comprehensive portfolio of products from leading edge technology IP&E suppliers such as Molex, 3M, AVX, Aavid, C&K, JST, Panduit, Nichicon and United Chemi-Con.
  • Local Inventory Management saves time and money with same day shipments or delivery via NEP trucks.
  • Additional Value-Added Services include Kitting, Bar Coding and customer specific labeling, Advanced Ship Notifications, Automated invoicing and much, much more.

Contact Us to take advantage of a custom electronic distribution program that meets the needs of your operation. NEP Electronics will exceed your expectations.