Electronic Component Distribution

As a distributor of high quality interconnect, passive and electromechanical components, NEP Electronics is committed to providing reliable parts and superior customer service. When clients partner with NEP for electronic distribution services they benefit from the advantages of a customized program implemented by a team of professionals who take time to understand your needs and distribution specifications.

Among the advantages of the NEP Electronics Distribution services are:

  • Local Engineering Support provided by a knowledgeable team of sales representatives delivers unparalleled engineering support and design solutions for each application.
  • Customized Supply Chain Management Services deliver VMI/Kanban/File Share/EDI/ in-house stores that meet the specific needs of every customer.
  • Broad line card access offers a comprehensive portfolio of products from leading edge technology IP&E suppliers such as 3M, AVX, JST, Molex, Nichicon, Panduit,  and United Chemi-Con.
  • Local Inventory Management saves time and money with same day shipments or delivery via NEP trucks.
  • Additional Value-Added Services include kitting, bar coding and customer specific labeling, advanced ship notifications, automated invoicing and much, much more.

Contact Us to take advantage of a custom electronic distribution program that meets the needs of your operation. NEP Electronics will exceed your expectations.