Inventory Management

NEP Electronics understands that lapses in inventory management can not only delay operations, but also result in expensive emergency restocking charges. Carrying excessive stock of parts and components is a waste of space and resources. To help our clients avoid these inconveniences we provide efficient and cost-effective Inventory Management solutions that result in ideal stocking levels, efficient replenishing schedules and up-front pricing.

NEP inventory control specialists work with clients to establish appropriate stocking levels and re-stocking schedules that abide by project and budget specifications. Advantages of partnering with NEP Electronics include:

  • Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions
  • Paperless Vaulting
  • Cloud-based Replenishment & Billing
  • Just in Time Inventory Solutions
  • Warehousing and Logistics Solutions

NEP works with clients to establish minimum and maximum levels integrated both into a shared ERP system that results in optimized inventory turns and avoids reductions in working capital. The table below provides more information about the benefits of NEP Electronics inventory management programs. Contact Us if you have additional questions or are ready to implement an efficient and affordable inventory management program. 

Frequently Asked QuestionsStocking ProgramOrdering Direct
Who owns the inventory?NEP Electronics until shipped to the customer.The Customer.
Who will have "Cost of Possession" burden on the inventory?NEP ElectronicsThe Customer.
Is inbound freight included in my unit purchase price?YesNo
Are fuel surcharges from carriers included in my unit purchase price?YesNo
What lead-time can I expect for scheduling purposes?Part lead-time until initial inventory is received.Part lead-time at the time of release.
Are minimum inventory levels assured?NEP Electronics assures a minimum negotiated inventory level based on the floor at all times.No
Who is responsible for inventory replenishment review and reorder?NEP ElectronicsThe Customer.
Inbound receiving inspection?Yes, provided by NEP Electronics in conjunction with customer requests.No