Another aspect of NEP Electronics' services is our Value-Added shop. This expansion of our expertise to provide additional services is designed to provide clients with the high-quality assemblies and components they need in less time and at a reduced cost.

The NEP work floor is site of a wide variety of cable assemblies. NEP’s high-speed wire & terminal processing equipment meets the toughest on-time delivery requirements. Not only does NEP 100% test all terminated cables we make, testing of un-terminated cables (connector on one end and flying leads on the other) also is available.

Wire bundling, special shielding, and tinning of leads are some of the other special services we provide. We offer soldering of cable assembly to various components creating a time saving sub-assembly. For example, cable assemblies attached to switches, fuse holder, relays or sensors.

NEP Cable Assembly Capabilities include:

  • Discrete wire cables & harnesses
  • Flat Ribbon Cables
  • Crimp & Poke
  • MDR (Mini-Delta Ribbon)
  • Multi-conductor Jacketed
  • Ground straps
  • Pin Headers
  • Automated Wire Processing.
  • Bar Coding
  • Soldering
  • Tinning of wire leads
  • Terminal Block Assembly
  • Switch assembly.
  • Strip & retain jumpers
  • Ferrite inductor integration

Extensive Tooling

Automated & Semi-Automated to cut, strip and terminate most wire style and manufacture a myriad of connector types.

Engineering Services

From concept to design, our team assists in identifying areas to reduce cost without sacrificing quality. Our team of experts can reverse engineer a part or component to lower production costs and improve functionality.

Tooling Capabilities

NEP is tooled for a variety of industry standard applicators from Molex, JST, Panduit, Hirose, Deutsch, DDK, Elco, Tyco and the majority of machined circular terminals. We meticulously maintain and service all our equipment to ensure consistent quality crimps throughout the manufacturing process.

Our attention to detail saves clients time and money.