ISO 9001:2015 ● WHMA-A-620 ● UL Certified ● ITAR Compliant

Established in 1977, NEP Electronics is a manufacturer of custom cables and distributor of passive electronic components. With an in-house engineering team, IPC-certified staff, and a quality management system, NEP manufactures to high-quality standards based on the needs of our customers. Whether for prototyping, production, or supply chain management, NEP is a leader in the electronic manufacturing world.


Value Add Services & Capabilities

  • High Speed Wire Processing (4/0 to 30 AWG)
  • Wire Termination & Assembly
  • Soldering
  • Tin Dipping
  • Discrete Cable Assembly
  • Ferrite Inductor Integration
  • Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly
  • Heavy Gauge Battery Cable Assembly
  • Switch Assembly
  • Terminal Block Assembly
  • Trim Pin Headers
  • Wire Harness Assembly
  • Wire Printing

At NEP, we build to IPC WMHA-A-620 & solder to IPC J standards. Our team of experts are trained to these standards in house at NEP.

Every assembly is 100% technically tested, with custom test equipment built for each one. NEP is constantly improving and investing in new equipment, but always with the same goal in mind: to serve the customer.

Turnkey Contract Assembly

To meet clients' expanding needs for custom builds, NEP Electronics implemented Contract Manufacturing and Electro-mechanical assembly services. With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, our operators deliver complete manufacturing and box build capabilities that save clients time and money. From sub-assemblies to complete builds, and Turnkey solutions, this area of NEP's expertise focuses on a custom build of the customer's product. Our capabilities range from very basic assembly to complete integration of metal, cabling, PCBs, motors, gears, and more.

Step 1: Engineering

NEP's team of engineering and sales professionals are dedicated to providing solutions for your assembly needs. We offer design assistance and reverse engineering, ensuring your build is as effective as it can be. Every project goes through our first article process, where a golden sample is built and later used to validate every production.

Step 2: Production

With over 45 years of experience and a 40,000 sq ft facility fully equipped with state of the art technologies, NEP can build anything from simple wire harnesses to full turn key box builds. Our unique position as both a distributor and a custom manufacturer allows us to produce quality custom assemblies at a low cost to our customers.

Step 3: Quality

All assemblies are 100% technically and electrically tested to certify that it meets the customer's standards. We know each build is unique, so we create custom test equipment for each project. This meticulous approach guarantees that every product leaving our facility is of the highest quality and reliability.

Step 4: Shipping

NEP can deliver! To accomodate local customers' needs, we deliver locally via either one of our NEP trucks or personally from your sales representative. NEP also utilizes mainstream shipping methods to ensure quality and timely shipping. We will always do what we can to ensure you get your parts on time!

Industries Served


Food Processing

Gaming / Coin Op





Utility / Energy